If you are having any difficulties in ordering, then please follow these five steps. You may also want to try a different web browser, or upgrade your current web browser to the latest version.

1) Make sure that your web browser is at the address

Web Address

2) Click on the menu: Order

Choose a Quantity and type in the Personalized Name that you want.


3) To add your photo click on the button: Browse

Located the file on your computer or device and select it.

Click the button: Add To Cart

The shopping cart

4) Type in your zipcode and click the link: Update Shipping

My zipcode

5) Provide your Credit Card details, then click the large button on the bottom of the page one time.

Credit card info

If you see something different on your computer or device, then please contact us for ordering support.

Photos not in keeping with our brand image may not be accepted.
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